Watch the video about 1984, the novel written by George Orwell back in 1949.
It was mentioned during your ‘discussion’ about Big Brother and I’m going to benefit from it and do an exercise in the next lesson. I need you to have some basic knowledge about the book, which I think you’ll get by watching the video.


Watch the video below and get the information you need to answer the questions below. If possible, do not allow the subtitles.

  1. When was the unit formed?
  2. How many people form it today?
  3. What are the conditions to be a Yeoman Warder?
  4. What do they do now?
  5. What do they wear?
  6. When was the first woman appointed?
  7. Why are they called Beefeaters?
  8. What is said about the ravens?

Reported Speech

A promise is a promise.

In this post you will find a video in which Arnel explains what reported speech is and the way you have to change direct into indirect speech. Once you have seen the video, you can click on the links and do the exercises.
I hope you find it all useful.