Nuccio Ordine’s Speech

Nuccio Ordine was a philosopher, writer and expert in literary theory. In 2023 he was awarded the Princess of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities. Unfortunately, he couldn’t deliver his speech, which he had already written, because he died in June 2023, 4 months before the ceremony.

One of my C1 students has suggested that we read his speech, in which he addresses the importance of education. I find it truly inspiring.

Click on the picture.


Watch the video about 1984, the novel written by George Orwell back in 1949.
It was mentioned during your ‘discussion’ about Big Brother and I’m going to benefit from it and do an exercise in the next lesson. I need you to have some basic knowledge about the book, which I think you’ll get by watching the video.

How to make work-life balance work

How does Spain compare to other countries regarding work-life balance? Do some research online to comment in class.

Watch the video below and be ready to summarise the main ideas and say whether you agree with the speaker.