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Quesos ganadores nel World Cheese Awards, n’Uviéu

The World Cheese Awards is the most recognized international cheese competition. Organized by the Great Taste Awards, the World Cheese Awards have brought together professionals dedicated to cheese for decades.

After a year on hiatus, 4,000 cheeses from the 5 continents participated in The World Cheese Awards competition and were evaluated by 250 international judges.

Olavidia, a soft goat’s cheese from the Spanish producer Quesos y besos (Cheeses and Kisses), claimed the coveted title of «best cheese in the world».

Here is the complete list of 16 Super Gold winners:
1. Olavidia, Quesos y besos
2. Epoisses Berthaut Perrière, Savencia Fromage Dairy
3. Eminence Grise – Tomme Chèvre Grise au Bleu, Van der Heiden Kaas B.V.
4. Baracska semi-hard cheese, Csíz Sajtműhely
5. Twentse Bunkerkaas Geit, FrieslandCampina
6. Camembeso, Quesos y besos
7. Gorwydd Caerphilly, Trethowan Brothers
8. Trethowan´s Dairy Ltd, MAAZ Cheese B.V
9. Gorgonzola Dolce DOP Caseificio Brusati, Caseificio Brusati Srl
10. Vorarlberger Bergkäse über 10 Monate, Dorfsennerei Schlins
11. Almnäs Tegel, Almnäs Bruk
12. Parmigiano Reggiano 30-39 mesi, Caseificio Rosola
13. Tomme de chèvre, Prolactine France
14. Parrano Robusto, FrieslandCampina
15. Pitchfork Vintage Cheddar, Trethowan Brothers
16. Hisui, Cheese Professional Association, Japan


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